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SIMPCO Objectives

Organizational Wide Objectives:

  • Address four issues of regional concern that have a potential of being resolved effectively by cooperative efforts among local governments, agencies, non-profits, business & industry in the region
  • Take positions on important issues affecting the region; adopt clear and concise position papers, keep them current and before area legislators and legislative committees
  • Work with SRTS toward expanding “special needs” transit services to areas now unserved.
  • Find outside funding for the Small Community Partnership Program and begin using the program to prepare communities and counties to take full advantage of new rural development programs established in the newly adopted Ag Bill
  • Produce the SIMPCO Annual report by the end of the first quarter

Community Development (CD) offers a variety of project development and technical assistance:

  • Comprehensive & Strategic Planning
  • Grant Writing & Administration
  • Housing Needs Assessments
  • Housing Development
  • Rental/Mortgage Assistance Program
  • Special Project Coordination
  • Natural Resources Planning
  • Hazard Mitigation & Control
  • Water Issues Research
  • Regional Solid Waste Planning
  • Intergovernmental Reviews
  • Land Use & Zoning Regulations
  • Codification Services
  • Safety Assessment & Training
  • Budgeting Assistance

Economic Development (SEDC) provides communities with project development and technical assistance. The Siouxland Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), a tri-state nonprofit organization, was formed to “further the economic development of Siouxland.” Programs and services are used to assist small and medium sized businesses to start up or expand.

Transportation Planning Division involves the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Regional Planning Affiliation (RPA) providing service in the following:

  • Long-Range Transportation Plans
  • Transportation Improvement Programs
  • Travel Demand Forecasting
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

Siouxland Regional Transit System (SRTS) provides transportation for:

  • Elderly & Disabled Individuals
  • Students & Pre-school
  • General Low-to-Moderate Income Public


Mission & Vision

Our Mission...

To be a catalyst for regional cooperation, uniting local governments of the Tri-State Siouxland Region into an effective Council of Governments

To promote the best possible planning practices and advocate partnerships throughout the region

To partner with local governments in long-range planning, community development activities, and professional regional program management, which foster intelligent growth, economic development, and safe, accessible transportation

Our Vision...

To be a valuable partner with local officials in their efforts to address issues, and solve problems within the community

To be an effective uniting force among local governments in addressing issues on a regional basis

To be the model standard of excellence for regional planning organizations and councils of governments.


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