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6 June 2017

SIMPCO FY 2016 Annual Report

Want to know what SIMPCO has been up to? Check out our FY 2016 Annual Report! 
22 March 2017

Sioux City Downtown Parking Report

The Siouxland Interstate Metropolitan Planning Council (SIMPCO) has completed a study on the City of Sioux City’s public parking spaces. The purpose of the study was to determine how the City’s public parking is being used during the standard meter enforcement hours. Examining the data revealed that there is a large surplus of available parking in downtown Sioux City. The number of public parking spaces exceeds the amount demanded by the public. A surplus of parking can be a problem due to the opportunity costs as well as the costs of installing, maintaining, and enforcing more meters than necessary. SIMPCO hopes that this information will be useful for downtown planning decisions and will help develop the downtown into a vibrant and thriving location for the community. Read SIMPCO’s Sioux City Downtown Parking Report for more details about the study, its findings, and its recommendations. For access to the report, please cick here.

9 December 2016

Comprehensive Plan Purpose


What is a Comprehensive Plan?

Comprehensive Plans are municipal or regional documents that can provide several benefits.  Basic elements of a comprehensive or master plan may include: An inventory of community resources and challenges, a community or regional vision, and goals or strategies meant to achieve the community or regional vision.  Developing a comprehensive plan can be complex and SIMPCO can assist with providing a seamless process with measurable outcomes.  SIMPCO has written dozens of comprehensive plans including the following most recent:  Onawa, Sergeant Bluff, Le Mars, Akron, South Sioux City, and Dakota and Ida Counties.

18 August 2016

SIMPCO Visioning Session

Led by Deb Burnight from Burnight Facilitated Resources

On August 4, 2016 the SIMPCO Finance/Executive Committee and  SIMPCO Board of Directors hosted a visioning session for the organization.   Led by  Deb Burnight from Burnight Facilitated Resources, the group spent the afternoon answering the following question “How can we over the next 3 years build SIMPCO’s capacity to provide trusted expertise and leadership for issues of regional impact?”   The group developed a priority list which centered on membership, services, marketing/communication, revenue and internal efficiency.  For a complete summary of the visioning session, please click here.

22 June 2016

SIMPCO FY 2015 Annual Report

What a busy year we've had at SIMPCO!!! Want to know what SIMPCO has been up to? Check out our FY 2015 Annual Report! Click Here

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