Contractor Registration

In order to be approved for a contract, the contractor must have a complete set of documents on file at the SIMPCO office. Once they have been submitted, they will only need to be resubmitted upon the renewal dates.

  1. Completed, signed and dated W-9 form
  2. Copies of licenses, registrations, and certifications. Including lead and trade certifications.
  3. References from 2 similar projects the firm has undertaken to demonstrate a history of satisfactory and timely performance. Prior experience with other grant funded housing repair programs should be noted.
  4. Proof of Insurance coverage
  5. Additional registrations may be required depending on the funding source. Up to and include obtaining a DUNS number and registration with

Upon Contract Award

  1. All documentation must be on file in order for a contract to be awarded.
  2. Contractor must sign the Rehabilitation contract and the following forms, to be provided upon contract being awarded:
    1. Self-Help Agreement
    2. Certificate of Non-Collusion
    3. Understanding of Work Write-Up
    4. Contractor Warranty
    5. Lien waivers for any sub-contractors

All contracts are subject to final inspection before payment will be issued. Allow for 10-14 days for payment.

Contract Termination

A contract may be terminated due to the following circumstances:

  1. Poor work performance on the job site and the demonstrated inability to rectify poor workmanship
  2. Causing undue damages to the property and showing an inability or unwillingness to correct the damages.
  3. Where collusion or fraud has been determined to exist
  4. Lack of sufficient insurance coverage
  5. Inability to perform the work within the allotted time

The cost of repairing poor workmanship and the higher costs of awarding the bid to another bidding contractor shall be deducted from any amount owed to the initial contractor for work completed. In all cases, the contractor shall be given the opportunity to rectify the problem before contract termination procedures are instituted. Contractors who are removed from a contract shall be removed from the participating contractor’s list and shall be prohibited from bidding on future Housing Program projects. If the situation warrants, a complaint may be filed with applicable state and federal licensing and registration entities.

Minimum Standards Requirement

All work shall be up to minimum building standards of the project jurisdiction and abide by all applicable building codes.

To become an approved contractor with SIMPCO please contact

Amanda Harper
SIMPCO Housing Manager
1122 Pierce St. Sioux City, IA

Phone: 712-279-6286
Fax: 712-279-6920