What’s happening on Hamilton Boulevard?

The Siouxland Interstate Metropolitan Planning Council (SIMPCO) and the City of Sioux City are looking at how to improve traffic flow on Hamilton Boulevard between I-29 on the south to Stone Park Boulevard on the north (study corridor). Based on the findings from the study and City Council Approval, the traffic lights are in the process of being removed at the following locations:

  • West 3rd Street & Hamilton Boulevard
  • West 8th Street & Hamilton Boulevard
  • West 22nd Street & Hamilton Boulevard

The intersections will operate as a two-way stop, with stops signs permanently installed on the respective side roads. At W. 3rd St, the temporary median closure will remain in place to keep the median break closed until a permanent median can be constructed. Access on W. 3rd Street will be right-turn only. Through movements and left-turns on W. 3rd Street will be prohibited. Left-turns from Hamilton Boulevard to W. 3rd St will continue to be prohibited.

City staff is implementing traffic signal timings along Hamilton Boulevard and will take approximately 1 week to complete.

The last phase of the Hamilton Boulevard Corridor Traffic Study is to implement updated traffic signal timings along the corridor. The timings may take several days to be fully programmed and implemented throughout the corridor. Drivers may notice changes in the signal operations and should exercise caution during this transition period. Once fully implemented, the signal timings will be monitored and adjusted as needed over the next several weeks.

Thank you to everyone who participated and provided comments – your input has helped to inform the study recommendations.

Check out the study’s webpage here: Social Pinpoint | Hamilton Boulevard Traffic Study (mysocialpinpoint.com)