SIMPCO Staff Spotlight: Dawn Kimmel, Regional Planner

SIMPCO Staff Spotlight on Dawn Kimmel, Regional Planner!

We have an amazing group of staff members at SIMPCO and we want to make sure you all get to know them! June’s staff spotlight is on Dawn Kimmel, Regional Planner . Here are some interesting things about Dawn that you should know!

Q: Who inspires you?
A: Mike & Kristin Henry (our student ministries pastor and support crew)

Q: Where’s your favorite place in the world? 
A: Buffalo NY – it will always be home. Go Bills!

Q: What projects are you working on right now?
A: Code updates for Blencoe & Soldier; Comp Plan for Hubbard; Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Analysis for Local Emergency Planning Committee; the Passenger Transportation Plan; community contacts & projects with Keep Northeast Nebraska Beautiful.

Q: What do you like best about working for SIMPCO?
A: Every project has an outcome that can positively impact a community

Q: Motto or Personal Mantra? 
A: “Let it snow” for one but seriously, “read your Bible & pray every day”.

Q: What are you most proudest of? 
A: Personally – my husband’s work as a teacher making a difference for kids facing some serious obstacles. Work – the outcomes of the Reaching People with Disabilities through Healthy Communities project (with Siouxland District Health Department under lead coach Angela Drent). There is no real reason for not incorporating inclusive elements into every single project and those elements aren’t minimal as regulated but genuinely inclusive for all levels of ability.

Q: What is your favorite pastime/hobby? 
A: Laughing is my most favorite thing to do but there’s also reading. I am a pro at not being bored!

Q: What would people be surprised to know about you? 
A: I went to a school for visual & performing arts for high school and I was a visual arts major or that I lived in Alaska for a bit.

Thank you Dawn for telling us a little more about you and for all your hard work at SIMPCO!