SIMPCO, in partnership with the City of Sioux City, has selected SRF Consulting and RDG Planning & Design to conduct a three-part Downtown Transportation Study. The guiding goal of the study is to conduct a comprehensive study for the safe and efficient movement of people, transit, bicycles, vehicles, and other means of transport across Downtown. The three main objectives of the study are:

  • Identify the traffic flow and parking impacts of potentially converting 5th and 6th Streets to two-way streets, and develop recommendations to address impacts.
  • Evaluate the skywalk system and make recommendations for improvements to increase pedestrian usage and enhance the downtown environment.
  • Analyze the pedestrian network of downtown and make recommendations for improvements and connections.

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Informational Videos: Click the links below to view 5 video episodes introducing the study findings and discussing the downtown street network, pedestrian and skywalk networks, and consideration of incorporating bicycles into the network. After viewing the videos, please provide your comments here: You may also leave a voicemail with your comments by calling 712-224-8906. Comments will be passed to the consulting team and recorded within the final report.

January 10, 2022, City Council Presentation Slides:


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Erin Berzina

Regional Planning Director