Siouxland Regional Transit System Introduces New Partnership to Encourage Shared Rides for Commuters in Our Service Areas

Sioux City, Iowa (May 1, 2023) – As businesses in the area continue to grow and commute costs continue to increase, Siouxland Regional Transit System is creating improvements to the transit system to attract workers to the area while reducing expenses for commuters. In partnership with Commute with Enterprise, Siouxland Regional Transit System is helping to continue to provide an innovative and sustainable shared mobility option: vanpooling.

The Enterprise Commute program, established many years ago, is a coordinated vanpool program available to people who live inside or outside of the service areas of Siouxland Regional Transit System and wish to access jobs in the area.  The program coordinates participants who indicate their interest through various channels such as at their jobsite or via an online portal. The program then matches riders who have similar work shifts in similar areas and who are interested in riding together. Once four or more people are matched, a Commute with Enterprise representative will contact the group to begin working out the details.  Commute with Enterprise then provides a 7-15 passenger vehicle, insurance, maintenance, and ongoing support. Each vanpool is customized to the specific needs of its four or more vanpoolers.

“Our new partnership with Enterprise allows Siouxland Regional Transit System to support the vanpool program and employment needs of local businesses in our community. The vanpool program will be partially subsidized by Siouxland Regional Transit System using local, state, and federal grant funds. The remaining cost is split among the employer and/or participants, with each vanpool rider paying a set fee per month.  Enterprise will provide coordination services and technology, vehicles, liability insurance, scheduled vehicle maintenance, and 24-hour roadside assistance, as well as best practices for cleaning and Complete Clean Starter Kits for new Commuters.

Participants can choose a qualifying vanpool vehicle from Enterprise’s selection of makes and models that includes crossovers, SUVs, minivans, and large passenger vans. Vanpoolers may choose to upgrade their vehicles with optional high-end features such as satellite radio and in-vehicle Wi-Fi service.

People who commute to or from the service areas of Siouxland Regional Transit System and are interested in joining the program can visit: and click on landing page link:

For more information, contact Brian Pearson with Siouxland Regional Transit System at or Abby Wilcox with Commute with Enterprise at