The 2015 CEDS Committee comprised of informed leaders and representative of the counties and cities work diligently to identify the region’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and then translate the results into goals, objectives and potential action items to improve this great area. The Siouxland CEDS Economic Development District (EDD) is composed of six counties; Cherokee, Ida, Monona, Plymouth, Woodbury Counties in Iowa and Dakota County in Nebraska.

The 2015 CEDS is designed to guide the region’s economic growth by strengthening and stabilizing the regional economy, and improving the overall living conditions for residents of the region. The CEDS is designed as a responsive plan that it can easily and quickly be adapted to unanticipated events such as natural disasters or economic development opportunities and threats which require sudden (and sometimes temporary) shifts in direction or a new focus.

As the next five years progress, this document will be relied upon as a benchmark to help prioritize actions and evaluate outcomes for the entire region. The strategy committee continues to meet three times a year to evaluate progress and offer suggestions for improving future CEDS plans.

Final 2015 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy