Current Projects

Transportation Safety Action Plan for Sioux City and Sergeant Bluff

Throughout 2024, SIMPCO will be creating a Transportation Safety Action Plan for Sioux City and Sergeant Bluff, funded by the U.S. DOT’s Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Grant Program. During the creation of this document, the planning team seeks to identify areas that are in need of safety improvements and develop appropriate strategies for reducing crashes and ensuring safety of vulnerable road users. The ultimate goal is a future with zero fatalities in the transportation system. This funding program supports the U.S. DOT’s Safe System Approach to transportation planning, which views safety of the transportation system as a public health issue, rather than placing all responsibility on individual road users.

More information about the SS4A program can be found here:

In order to identify where safety improvements are needed in these communities, we are seeking input from residents. If you have concerns about roadway or pedestrian safety, please fill out the survey at the link below. Whether there is an intersection with many “near misses,” a missing crosswalk, somewhere you would enjoy walking to if only it were safer, or any other transportation safety issue where you live, work or play- we want to hear from you! Your feedback will help direct future transportation safety improvements in Sioux City and Sergeant Bluff, bringing these communities closer to zero roadway fatalities.

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