As a Council of Governments, SIMPCO values:

  • Simplicity, & innovation through new technology
  • Integrity and dependability
  • Members’ needs first, yet accessibility to all
  • Partnerships, teamwork, & action oriented problem solving
  • Citizen involvement in planning and program implementation
  • On target, on time, and on budget

SIMPCO funding sources include:

Membership Dues

Communities that join SIMPCO pay membership dues based on a per capita charge. Membership dues are used to match funds for Federal and State programs such as Economic Development and Transportation. They provide funds to maintain the office, perform research, collect Census data and disseminate information, and train staff for service to the members.

Administration Fees

SIMPCO administers a number of Federal and State programs on behalf of member communities and agencies. These programs help member communities develop plans and implement strategies that will most effectively meet their needs.

Grant Writing Services

SIMPCO’s professional staff provides assistance with grant applications for a variety of federal, state and foundation-funded programs that benefit communities and enhance the quality of life of their citizens. Fees for some grants may be negotiated.

Direct Planner Services

SIMPCO’s Community Development (CD) staff are available to any member community for direct planning services- grant-writing, project administration, special project development and coordination, etc. – on-site within the community. Cities and Counties can request a professional staff person for a set number of hours or days a week at a predetermined fee.