Hazard Mitigation Planning enables informed preparation for natural and other hazardous events likely to affect a community, school district, county, or region. Organized preparedness provides a means to minimize risk to persons and property, and essentially improve resiliency. Guidance for the development of Hazard Mitigation Plans is provided through the Iowa Department of Homeland Security based on requirements set forth by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). An approved Hazard Mitigation Plan as adopted by resolution is a prerequisite to FEMA Pre-Disaster Mitigation funding programs.

The State of Iowa made available funding for the update of existing mitigation plans in 2017 and updated the eligibility in 2018 to include funding supports for Regional Plans. Regional is loosely defined as more than one county comprising participating jurisdictions. SIMPCO was contracted by Plymouth County, under an agreement between all participating counties, to complete a Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan for Cherokee, Ida, Monona, Plymouth, and Woodbury Counties. The most recent DRAFT (with revisions based on State and FEMA comments) is available for review below. Final approval is pending as of June 24, 2020.

While all cities, counties, and school districts with facilities in the Region are included for discussion, FEMA recognizes “Participating Jurisdictions” as those with specific actions, strategies, and/or projects included in the Region Listing of Projects located on page 79 in Title III Region, Section G Mitigation Actions, Strategies, & Projects, Article 3 Identified Actions, Strategies, & Projects. An amendment and subsequent adoption at the local level enables jurisdiction eligibility and activate “Participant” status upon notification to the County EMA, State, and FEMA.

Templates for Adoption by Resolution, Amendment, and Progress Reporting are included in the appendix of the Plan.

2020 Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan (DRAFT)

Word versions of templates available upon request. Contact the Regional Planner, Dawn Kimmel.

2014 County Plans