Qualified contractors are needed to participate in SIMPCO’s housing programs. In order to participate as a contractor the following minimum requirements must be met:

  • Must be registered with the State Department of Labor
  • Meet any and all local or state licensing and/or certification requirements
  • Be able to provide evidence of training received in lead-safe work practices  should the project require it
  • Provide current and active insurance certificates that document sufficient insurance coverage
  • Cannot be debarred or suspended from receiving federal funds or contracts

Through a competitive bid process, contractors will submit sealed bids based on the provided specifications and approved scope of work prepared by the Housing Program staff. A responsive Bidder is a contractor that has met the program participation requirements and all other material terms and conditions of the bid documents.
Contractors must sign the Rehabilitation Contract including the following forms, to be provided upon contract being awarded:

All projects are inspected by program staff. All work must be up to minimum building standards of the project jurisdiction and abide by all applicable building codes.
All contracts require lien waivers and are subject to final inspection before payment will be issued. Allow for 10-14 days for payment.