Bicycle / Pedestrian Activities

Siouxland Trails Foundation Tri-State Trails Map

Bike to Work Day

SIMPCO helps organize the annual Bike-To-Work-Day in conjunction with the League of American Bicyclists National Bike-to-Work-Day. This day is dedicated to encouraging people to try riding their bike to work, rather than using a vehicle. Bike-to-Work-Day is typically the third Friday in May. Past community partners in planning the event include:

  • Siouxland District Health Department
  • Sioux City Blue Zones
  • City of Sioux City
  • Albrecht’s Cycle Shop
  • Siouxland Trails Foundation
  • Siouxland Cyclists
  • Downtown Partners.

More details on the event will be provided as they become available.

PlyWood Trail

SIMPCO is assisting in the development of the proposed PlyWood Trail, which would connect the communities of Sioux City, Hinton, and Le Mars with a recreational trail. A trail foundation has been formed to complete the project. The PlyWood Trail’s website is location here.

Bike Racks

SIMPCO has worked to provide bike racks around the metropolitan area. These racks provide convenient places for cyclists to park their bikes. The bike racks are located in popular destinations around the area. Several bike racks were designed in creative and artistic ways in order to also serve a decorative function. A map with the decorative bike rack locations can be found by clicking here.

MPO Bicycle/Pedestrian Roundtable

SIMPCO’s Bicycle/Pedestrian Roundtable is a group of staff, community partners, advocates, and residents that meet regularly to discuss and plan for improved bicycle and pedestrian policies throughout the Siouxland area.

Efforts that the Roundtable has previously participated on include:

  • Temporary park-lets and bicycle lanes in downtown Sioux City
  • Walking School Bus/Safe Routes to School
  • Mayor’s Challenge for Safer Streets
  • Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities
  • Bicycle Friendly Employer Award
  • Bike Racks on Buses
  • Bike to Work Day
  • Trail advocacy
  • Blue Zones

Bicycle Friendly Employer Award

SIMPCO and Siouxland District Health Department have partnered together to create a Bicycle Friendly Employer Award. The award recognizes employers that have made admirable strides in creating a bicycle friendly environment for their employees and customers. In 2016, we recognized Lawrence & Schiller TeleServices with an Honorable Mention and gave Wells Enterprises the Bicycle Friendly Employer Award.

Safe Routes to School Programs

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs are sustained efforts by parents, schools, community leaders, public health, and metropolitan planning organizations to improve the health and well-being of children by enabling and encouraging them to walk and bicycle to school.

Successful SRTS programs include policy development, planning, and implementation of strategies such as improvements to streets and sidewalks, education and encouragement of children and parents, and increased enforcement of traffic laws. Program can include:

  • Walkability and bikeability audits on safe routes
  • Strategies to improve sidewalk conditions on identified safe routes
  • Traffic calming devices to slow traffic and give pedestrians priority
  • Educating children on walking and bicycling safety
  • Challenging students to walk and bike to school
  • Implementation a walking school bus

SIMPCO will provide technical assistance to schools that are interested in starting a SRTS program.