Long Range Transportation Plans

A long-range transportation plan (LRTP) is a federally required element for the Metropolitan Planning Organization and a Iowa state requirement for the Siouxland Regional Planning Association (SRTPA – RPA 4).  The federal requirements for the MPO is outline in 23 CFR § 450.324.

The LRTP plays an important role in outlining the existing status and future needs of the MPO and SRTPA planning area’s transportation system.  It helps set the direction of planning efforts and programming investments.  The LRTP evaluates demographic, economic, passenger, and freight forecasts to understand how anticipated growth or decline will interact with expected land use to impact the demands on the transportation system.   Through the development of the plan, stakeholder involvement and public input is requested to help guide priorities and projects that will be submitted for federal/state funding at the MPO/SRTPA level.

For both the MPO and SRTPA,  the LRTP is updated at least every fives years and  has a planning horizon of 20 years.

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SIMPCO Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) FINAL 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan (Approved on January 7, 2021 )

Amendment 1: Approved 11.4.21 

Amendment 2:  Proposed (NOW OPEN FOR PUBLIC COMMENT June 1 – July, 1, 2022)



Siouxland Regional Transportation Planning Association (SRTPA) 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan (Approved November 21, 2019)