Passenger Transportation Plan (PTP)

The Passenger Transportation Plan (PT) process is designed to promote joint, coordinated passenger transportation planning programs that further the development of the local and regional public transportation systems for SIMPCO’s MPO and SRTPA.  A prerequisite for state and federal funding, the PTP is structured under Iowa DOT guidelines, ongoing engagement with TAG, and standards for Coordinated Human Passenger Transportation planning as required through the Nebraska DOT and South Dakota DOT.

The PTP is compiled from collected public input assessing known and perceived transportation barriers for person without access to a personal vehicle.  SIMPCO’s TAG (Transportation Advisory Group) meets twice annually to review serves as available through public and private transportation providers, through collaboration with human services organizations, agencies, and program representatives.  Siouxland Regional Transit System (SRTS) and Sioux City Transit System (SCTS) are the public transit systems serving SIMPCO’s region.  Respective planning goals for the systems are based on finding included in the PTP and available and potential funding opportunities relative to each project.

The PTP undergoes a full update every five years.  Amendments are processed through SIMPCO’s MPO and SRTPA.

FINAL FY 2025-2029 Passenger Transportation Plan (PTP)