Public Participation Process

It is the purpose of the SIMPCO Transportation Public Participation Plan (PPP) to provide the citizens within the Sioux City Metropolitan Planning Area and within Woodbury, Plymouth, Cherokee, Ida, and Monona Counties an opportunity to voice their opinions and express their concerns about the transportation issues  in Siouxland.

SIMPCO and Siouxland Regional Transit System (SRTS) were responsible for the preparation of this PPP, with guidance given by local and county officials, the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Transportation Technical Committee (TTC), Siouxland Regional Transportation Planning Association (SRTPA) Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC),  MPO and SRTPA Policy Boards, SRTS Board of Directors Environmental/Cultural Agencies, interested parties, and citizens.

The information in this plan represents the first step in a continuing participation process that will be reviewed and modified annually. The purpose of a PPP is to serve as a guiding document to receive public input throughout the Siouxland Area.

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