DOM DoIT Needs Your Input on Iowa’s Upcoming Broadband Map

The Iowa Department of Management’s Division of Information Technology (DOM DoIT) needs your input on Iowa’s upcoming broadband map.

DOM DoIT is required to update the state’s broadband map each year. This is an important opportunity to get Iowa’s broadband map as accurate as possible. This is even more critical this year as this version of the map will be referenced as part of the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment Program (BEAD). The State of Iowa received an allocation of $415,331,313 to implement the BEAD Program.

DOM DoIT is encouraging challenges to the broadband map from eligible challengers including nonprofits, internet service providers, and local and tribal governments. Iowa residents may also submit feedback and evidence regarding the broadband map. This information may then be submitted by eligible challengers on their behalf.

Eligible challengers of the map do need to register with the Challenge Navigator in order to submit a challenge. However Iowa residents do not need to register to submit evidence. We encourage internet service providers to register, even if they do not intend to challenge, in order to receive updates on challenges in their service area. If any eligible challengers want to access the underlying map data, they must get a CostQuest License from the FCC. Iowa residents do not need to do this.

Important Map Challenge dates are as follows:

  • Challenge Portal Registration: Begins April 24 (only available to internet service providers, local and tribal governments, and non-profit organizations)
  • Challenge Portal Preview: April 24 – May 14.  Interested parties can access the Map Challenge Portal and review location data.
  • Challenge Window: May 15 – June 13.  The official map challenge window opens on May 15th and closes on June 13th at 5:00 P.M. CST.
  • Rebuttal Window: Begins June 14. Rebuttals can be submitted beginning June 14th. The Rebuttal Window is available for 45 days after notification of a challenge.
  • Adjudication Window: Begins June 14. DOM-DoIT will issue final rulings within 45 days of a rebuttal.

In order to help Iowans prepare for the Map Challenge window here are some useful links and resources.

If anyone has questions about the Map Challenge process, they are encouraged to reach out to the DOM DoIT broadband team at: